Alexander Wang and Adidas Originals Jointly Launched Retro Yoga Pants

The signed jointly of Alexander Wang and Adidas, the world’s top fashion brands, has come to the fifth season. Unknowingly, Alexander Wang has been with Adidas Originals for four years. However, two partners keep work together with each other in these years, and the fifth series to be launched is the best proof.

The Season 5 series continues Alexander Wang’s attention to show the theme of street fashion and sportswear, and incorporates a large 80’s club style, presenting a retro and vibrant atmosphere. On the basis of continuing the styles of the previous seasons, a new design element has been added to bring a new series of retro styles.

Alexander Wang and Adidas Originals Jointly Launched Retro Yoga Pants

In the fifth season, the joint name uses of a large number of tight-fitting tailoring, through the sports shorts, sports T-Shirt, leggings, sports jackets and 80s retro prints to present this joint theme.

From sports jackets to tight-fitting ones, they are made of sports materials, especially developed by adidas Originals. Showing respect for ergonomics and good flexibility make this series as a daily wear without any discomfort. The new pink color in this collection and the ubiquitous “Wang Body” slogan show us the inexhaustible imagination of the designer over the past five years.

Alexander Wang said in an interview that “Club-leisure is clothing that can be worn in any gym, night club and any occasion between the two scenes.” This season’s new products include oversize hoodies, vintage sweatpants and yoga pants. Wrap skirt and the same sneakers. The new fashion blockbuster is designed by Jonny Dufort and Haey Wollens.

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