Why do these fashion giants unanimously set their sights on sustainability?

2021-12-09T20:36:37+08:00 Blog|

Material innovation companies are becoming potential stocks in the eyes of capital and consumer markets According to the "Global Fashion Business Report 2020" released by McKinsey, 45% of the apparel companies surveyed hope to integrate more innovative bio-based materials, and >67% of production and procurement executives say that [...]

Kerin Fur Free

2021-11-18T10:16:46+08:00 Blog|

Kering Group stated that it will continue to implement the animal welfare standards released in 2019 because this animal welfare standard involves other animal fibers and materials. In May 2019, Kering launched the first animal welfare standard for the luxury and fashion industries, aiming to promote industry practices and [...]

Zero Fur Era

2021-11-15T15:59:05+08:00 Blog|

The Chinese luxury goods giant Kering announced that it has decided to stop the use of animal furs throughout the group. Starting from the autumn collection of 2022, all brands under the group no longer use animal fur. This means that Kering Group will usher in the "zero fur era" [...]

Top 1 Fabric Tendency in 2022-Liquid Stream

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In the face of social, political, environmental and economic challenges, consumers will gradually develop the habit of daily healing in 2022/23. Technological developments in the fields of engineering products, food and materials will increasingly show a commercialization trend, aiming to protect natural resources and open up a supernatural future. [...]

How SHEIN Makes Success?

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1. Brief Introduction SHEIN started in China. The parent company was Nanjing Xiyin E-commerce Company founded by Xu Yantai in 2008 and changed to the SHEIN model in 2015. Nowadays, it has crossed the Pacific Ocean and has grown rapidly centered on the United States. There are many big capitalists [...]