Top 1 Fabric Tendency in 2022-Liquid Stream

2021-10-07T21:50:44+08:00 Blog|

In the face of social, political, environmental and economic challenges, consumers will gradually develop the habit of daily healing in 2022/23. Technological developments in the fields of engineering products, food and materials will increasingly show a commercialization trend, aiming to protect natural resources and open up a supernatural future. [...]

How SHEIN Makes Success?

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1. Brief Introduction SHEIN started in China. The parent company was Nanjing Xiyin E-commerce Company founded by Xu Yantai in 2008 and changed to the SHEIN model in 2015. Nowadays, it has crossed the Pacific Ocean and has grown rapidly centered on the United States. There are many big capitalists [...]

Soul Running–Thematic Trend of Men’s and Women’s Sports Running Wear

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Soul Running--Thematic Trend of Men's and Women's Sports Running Wear One after another, the marathon may be cancelled or postponed, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which would have been lively in July, was postponed to 2021. The sports enthusiasm of running enthusiasts is predictably gaining momentum, and the [...]

Thematic Trend of Men’s and Women’s Sports Fitness Training Suits

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The Ultimate Fighter--Thematic Trend of Men's and Women's Sports Fitness Training Suits Whether you are exercising at home or going to the gym, people are eager for higher performance, which has spawned the innovative trend of active innovation, and high-tech cutting-edge sports equipment has also emerged. Smart solutions [...]