List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer 

List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer

When summer comes, it means time for bye with wool and velvet. With temperature up, fabric option is needed to keep you chill. Here Yaroad Clothing Production Company presents the six most comfortable fabrics in summer you can choose to wear.
Now, let’s get down to the key points: the best fabrics for summer!


List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer

Silk fabric is a statement used in comparison to simulated silk fabrics, generally referred to as silk. Silk fabrics are divided into 14 categories. There are roughly electric spinning, taffeta, double crepe, heavy crepe, sturdy, georgette, double Joe, heavy Joe, plain satin, elastic satin, warp knitting, etc. Its texture is soft and smooth, soft and light, colorful and comfortable to wear. Silk fabrics are widely used to make summer shirts, headscarves, pajamas, dresses, etc.


List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer

The warp and weft of chiffon fabric is made of polyester and then processed by special techniques. The fabric structure is changed in plain weave. This kind of fabric has the characteristics of smoothness and breathability, softness and lightness. What’s more it’s easy to wash and quick dry. It is very comfortable to wear. It often does used for summer ladies’ dresses. Chiffon fabrics can be printed, dyed, wrinkled, bronzing and embroidered. Most of the chiffon fabrics we buying are mainly in light color and chiffon fabrics are well received by ladies.


List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer

Cotton fabric is made of cotton fiber. The fabric has good moisture absorption and makes the skin surface very refreshing. The cotton fabric is very soft touch and gives a strong sense of comfort. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component is cellulose. After inspection, cotton fiber fabric has no irritation and side effects on human skin, and wearing cotton clothing is beneficial to people’s healthy.


List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer

Linen fabric is the first textile material used in human history in the world. Linen fabric has breathable, light, comfortable, anti- fade, anti-shrink, heat conduction, and moisture wicking, anti-mold. But it has a rough feel and is easy to wrinkle. As a result, linen fabric is generally used to make casual adult wear and summer wear.


List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer

One more friendly fabric in hot summer is seersucker. Seersucker is a fabric with a special appearance in cotton fabric, made of light muslin. The cloth surface is uniform and densely covered with uneven bubbles. It is not close to the body when worn, and has a cool feeling. It is suitable for women’s summer clothing. The advantage of seersucker is that it does not need to be ironed after washing. The disadvantage is that after repeated washing, the bubbles will gradually flatten. Especially when washing, it is not advisable to use hot water bubbles, and it is not suitable to wash and twist with force, so as not to affect the bubble fastness.


List The 6 Most Comfortable Fabrics To Wear In Summer

If you make summer cloth option, Modal may be one of nice choices to make your summer cool. The raw material of Modal fabric is made from natural wood, so it can be naturally degraded after use. Modal fabric has good softness, smoothness and bright color. The fabric feels particularly smooth, and the fabric surface is bright and lustrous. The drape is better than cotton, polyester and cotton. It has a silky feel and is a natural silky fabric with the strength and toughness of synthetic fibers, thus reducing the occurrence of broken ends in textile processing. For example, it is widely used in T-shirt. It is more convenient and natural to wear. After repeated washings, Modal can still be kept bright, and has moisture absorption and good color fastness.

Now you know how to stay cool in the summer while remaining stylish even you are a ‘sweaty person’. The last but not least, there’s a useful tip for summer you need try to choose the light color rather than dark color because dark clothes are more easily to absorb heat, and cause the body temperature to rise.

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