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The History of Lulelemon

History of Lululemon

In 1998, Chip Wilson founded Lululemon, a sportswear brand inspired by yoga in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to creating technology for both men and women. At the beginning of its creation, Lululemon was a design studio during the day, but at night it transformed into a yoga studio. Subsequently, in November 2000, it developed into an independent store on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Lululemon’s vision for the future of the store is not limited to providing people with sports equipment to enjoy drinking and sweating. It hopes to create a community center for everyone to learn and exchange the physical feelings of healthy life, spiritual resonance, and embrace the multiple possibilities of a better life together. It is very important for the brand to establish a sincere friendship with guests, understand what they love, and understand how to enjoy sports with alcohol and sweat, thereby helping guests achieve their personal goals. Today, Lululemo stores are opened all over the world, still sticking to the original vision.

proportion of new product categories

2021 Spring Season Number & proportion of new product categories

What is Lululemon Fashion Color?

Key color-hydrangea blue

The natural hydrangea blue adds more refreshing feeling in the new season of Lululemon. The soft hydrangea blue lays the clear tone of spring and summer. It can tolerate the past and accept all new things; it is used on fabrics with comfortable elasticity and breathability. , Enjoy a stable package and heal your mind.

hydrangea blue

Key color-yellowtail

The yellowtail color exuding youthful and warm breath, in the 2021 Lululemon spring new series, presents high saturation, youthful and warm colors and exquisite and soft urban fitness clothes, enjoy dynamic emotions, and inspire athletes to exercise.

Yellow clothing

Key color-cranberry

The global epidemic promotes the rise of healing and optimistic tones, showing cheerful and happy cranberry color. The Lululemon new season clothing series palette has been updated. The positive energy of cranberry red is suitable for all kinds of fashionable sports and fitness items. , While satisfying consumers’ desire to stimulate positive energy, it also presents a sense of fashion.


Focus pattern-mottled and fuzzy

In the new season, Lululemon uses more mottled and fuzzy patterns. There is no specific shape and the pattern is denser. At the same time, the fabric is dyed with a smudged texture. The pattern is used all over the body and has a large area. It is suitable for indoor fitness or urban casual clothing.

mottled and fuzzy

Key details-fold decoration

How to ensure a certain sense of comfort can support life and sports while being beautiful is also extremely important. In the design of body-sculpting fitness pants, the waist is folded and kneaded, which greatly increases the overall sense of fashion. Secondly, in the design of jackets and jackets, the side seams on the sleeves There are fold decorations at the dividing line of the front body to enhance the exquisiteness of clothing.

fold decoration

Key details-windproof hood

The fashionable sports jacket incorporates the outdoor protective performance design, the collar is made of a high-neck wrap-around design, which prevents wind from filling, and the seamless one-piece cap increases the sense of clothing sophistication, which brings protection to urban runners while adding fashion. Secondly, the moisture absorption and breathability of the fabric is also extremely important, providing a performance basis for sports life.

windproof hood

Skin tone selection

People with dark skin often like to wear brightly colored clothing to create contrast and increase visual beauty; the following is a collection of black skin models from Lululemon’s official website. You can feel wearing fluorescent yellow, electric rose red, berry purple, etc. Color clothing is more youthful and fashionable than dark clothing, and the use of bright colors is also suitable for consumers with darker skin.

Skin tone selection

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