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2022 Trends in Sports and Science and Technology Materia

Sports apps are popping up on the front line, making it easier for the public to engage in indoor sports like physical exercise, yoga and Pilates. Accordingly, it also promotes the continuous development of products required by such sports. Among the new products, the most conspicuous is the innovative materials that combine aesthetics and comfort.

To be free, to be outside, to breathe the fresh air, to exercise in a green environment, all of this makes us happy and more willing to exercise outdoors, it also stimulated new demand for AW22/23 sportswear. Practitioners in the sports and technology industries have also anticipated this trend, carefully developing and creating new products that meet these challenges.

As a custom sports clothing factory, Yaroad keeps paying attention to the new trend of sportswear. Let’s preview the new sports and technology fabric products for AW2223.

Elegant and dynamic

The health and comfort of low-intensity indoor exercise has become a part of life. The attraction of health continues to increase and becomes a daily pursuit. Fitness and low-intensity exercise are synonymous with happiness and fulfillment. The harmony that fitness and sports seek is not only spiritual harmony, but also aesthetic harmony.

Elegant Sports Fabric

Products designed for these sports are starting to choose new materials that offer both toughness and increased softness. Made with elastane, nylon, spandex and roica, the tights offer a soft fit that enhances mobility without putting pressure on the body. These fiber fabrics not only dry quickly, but also breathe.

Recycled Mesh knit fabric

Mesh knit fabric in recycled polyester and spandex, or matte fabric, is ideal for wide strap sports bras and long form-fitting tops for a smooth, flattering look. Colorful breathable double-sided knit fabric can be used to create new styles of clothing, with hollowed-out effect, elastic band to create a different taste. It can also be used to make tops and leggings with tonal prints or embossing to give the dress a premium feel.


Recycled Sporsts Fabric

It’s really fun to be able to play outdoors in parks, by the sea and so on, and we’ve noticed that there are some products available for multi-scene use. Exhibitors have designed a 22/23 fall/winter product that not only brings together a variety of features, but also meets new needs.

T-shirts are also starting to use g weight fabrics in fitness products. Ultra-stretchy knit fabric is lightweight and performs well. Available in plain, tonal or multicoloured polyester blends, use with elastane for a casual top. These blend fabrics have sun protection, quick drying, waterproof properties, and can be used for outdoor fitness on sunny days and rainy days. Other knitted fabrics with anti-bacterial protection function and anti-odor function are suitable for making T-shirts, which make the body feel fresh and light before and after outdoor sports!

Ultra-stretchy Knit Fabric

Some blends combine wool with elastane to retain the warmth and breathability of wool with a flannel look. These fabrics can be used to create versatile hoodies, jackets and hoodies that are elegant even for outdoor exercise in the cold.

Waterpfoof Fabric

A new kind of fiber in the material has the function of temperature regulation, which can adjust the temperature change to keep the body in the best condition. For comfort and water repellency, the four-sided stretch fabric is perfect for satin jackets and leggings that not only protect against rain, but also have a refined look, making it a true multi-purpose fashion sportswear. Reflective fabric gives the jacket a new lease of life for warmth and optimal outdoor safety.

Temperature Control Fabric

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY HIGH PERFORMANCE KNITTING Sports and technology companies are actively contributing to the virtuous circle of ecological responsibility by innovating and developing sustainable ideas without sacrificing performance and visual effects. The combination of natural fiber, cellulose fiber and nylon or polyester fiber. Lessel has gradually become the first choice for knitting fabrics with both softness and performance. Its ethereal, delicate silk look, coupled with a texture like peach skin, can add urban elegance to t-shirts and jogging pants, perfect for well-tailored, loose sportswear. Lyser is soft and skin-friendly when wrapping the skin, giving people a sense of security.

New fibers such as Amni Soul Eco are good alternatives to classic nylon fibers with equal comfort. The new generation fiber contains no chemicals, carries the “Oeko-Tex

label, is biodegradable and can be broken down by soil. Bacteria can digest the fiber’s components, accelerating the rate of biodegradation. Other advantages of these fibers include breathability and increased softness.


Discover the solutions offered by the Paris exhibitors with this selection of sports and technology products to create a healthy, eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing 22/23 autumn/winter sports collection.

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