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Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

What do private label clothing manufacturers do?

Yaroad is a clothing manufacturing company with private label and tag service. Our private label clothing manufacturer has the capacity and skills to handle the requirements of high-end fashion labels, be it with the intricacy of their designs or the volume of garments they need. For the ultimate finishing touch of your clothes, we can also assist you in creating the design for your fashion brand; from brand logo, label or hang-tag design to printing services with a wide choice of material. Whether it is paper made, plastic, embroidered or printed, we have a wealth of experience. There are some label and tags sample show our technical.

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Clothing Manufacturing Company Custom Made Metal label Clothing Manufacturing Company

1.Custom Made Metal Label And Tag

Metal label and tags custom made.
Yaroad have equipment cut the metal label as your disign.
Metal label has good wear resistance and compressive strength .
Handwriting can choose indentation effect, never fade.
You can choose the appropriate mix of leather or othes parts.

2.Custom Made Paper Lable and Tag

Custom made paper and cloth private label and tags.
You can choose different thickness and different materials of paper manufacturing.
Can be cut into any shape, any color printing.
Generally for external clothes .
Cloth embroidery tags usually used at inside of the neckline.
Though usually smaller , but equally multi-colored embroidery patterns and letters.

Clothing Manufacturing Company Custom Made Paper Lable and Tag
Clothing Manufacturing Company Blank leather, textile jeans labels, straps isolated on white ba

3.Custom Made Leather label And Tag

Leather label and tags custom made.
Leather tags have good waterproof .
Handwriting can choose indentation effect , never fade.
You can choose the appropriate mix of metal accessories .
Any shape can be produced
Thickness, color , shape, can be customized.

Custom Your Own Clothing Brand

4.Custom Made Plastic Label And Tag

Plastic label and tags custom made.
Plastic Tags are made of Plastic, PVC, ABS.
These greatly enhance the waterproof ability and anti-pollution, and also make Plastic Tags pattern clear, color fidelity high, and more durable.
Thickness, color , shape, can be customized .

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