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Strict Quality Control Clothing Manufacturing Company

1. Quality Aim Of Yaroad Clothing Manufacturing

1、Paying qualification rate of the products is 99%.

2、Dealing with clients’ complaints rate is 100%.

Yaroad is a high quality clothing manufacturer. Quality is the heart of service. All of the staffs should remember and understand the content of quality policy, quality aim and carried out among various quality control activities so that the quality policy and quality aim would be come into being finally.

2. Garment Quality Control Policy

Yaroad Clothing Company is proud to introduce the policy of 100% quality control guarantee for all products. We offer 100% quality assurance and not a single piece is going to be defective. If you order 200 pieces, you will get 200 pieces which are accurate as per your description. Our 100% quality guarantee policy includes:

  1. No whole in any fabric/garment.
  2. No loose threads.
  3. No stitching errors.
  4. 100% preshrunk.
  5. No stains.
  6. No printing mistakes.
  7. According to provided sizes with 1 inch tolerance.
  8. Quality packing.
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