Yaroad Clothing Share New Trend of the 2021 Popular Top 6 Color

Vintage Popular Color Clothing Model

With the prevalence of retro nostalgia and minimalism, more advanced neutral colors and browns have become the dominant palettes this season. Red and gray blue are the core colors, the six colors listed below are analyzed one by one.

Light Apricot Color with Elegance

Light Apricot Dress

The soft color scheme easily creates the atmosphere of winter. The light apricot color clothing match dark color fabric could reach peaceful, warm and elegant effect.

Chocolate Color

Chocolate color Apparel

Chocolate color has mature femininity. The overall effect of mixing cold and warm colors is more advanced.

Fluorescent color

Fluorescent Color Clothing

Use single product mix and match or color contrast to form a visual impact effect, which can become a shining foil for the basic single product.

Jewelry Green

Jewelry Green Dress

Jewelry green symbolizes infinite vitality and is an important fashion color in autumn and winter.

Grey Blue

Grey Blue Clothing

Blue is full of explosiveness this season. It is inspired by smoke bursts and has high brightness.


Burgundy Dress

Wine red is the main color of autumn and winter women’s clothing, this season with subtle adjustments.

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