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2020 Yoga wear New Tredency

In 2020, sportswear is still in big need under the virus. Primitive fitness methods such as yogawear are increasingly appearing in new sports groups. Openwork, asymmetric and luxurious fabrics are used to create high-end appearances to enhance popular models, while adding T-stage trend details to show fashion and drama. Although yoga focuses on natural tones, it still needs to be interspersed with bright colors to attract young people. This will help enter the non-traditional market and shape yoga as a less serious grounded exercise. And pay attention to exploring the origin of the trend and nature, slow-paced life, mindfulness lifestyle and other topics, set off a new wave of yoga. In conclusion, yoga wear make importance effect in sports apparel.

Hot Yoga Set

The hot yoga suit that maximizes sportiness and breathability is designed to absorb sweat, comfort is the top priority, and super stretch fabrics are essential. Sports bra, sports pant and sports jacket are ideal, ribbed or textured jersey fabric adds a luxurious texture. The two-piece form allows clothing to be mixed with other sports items to conform to the trend of modularity. The asymmetrical design of the top reveals stylish luxury details, and the shoulder strap provides additional chest support. At the same time avoiding constraints and unnecessary cover-up, this version is aimed at young consumers.

2020 Yoga wear New Tredency

Wrapped yoga top

With the increasing consumer demand for versatile wardrobes, single items suitable for use both inside and outside the gym are emerging. The popular details of the wrap body draw on the fetish style while shaping, and the exaggerated elements are removed. The extra fabric allows the single product to adjust the fit, and brings a variety of wearing methods and sports comfort. Delicate cutouts show a stylish and luxurious appearance. The sports market can draw inspiration from the runway and further integrate functionality and fashion.

Trumpet yoga pants

Sports technology continues to penetrate into mainstream clothing, and consumers expect clothing to be durable. The sports market can draw inspiration from the runway and further integrate functionality and fashion. Flare pants, as a popular retro sports pants type, revived with the style of the 1970s sweeping the stage. Its advantages include less restrictive trousers and attractive trousers that balance the hips and appeal to various markets.

Wrap Sports Top

Truncated luxury hoodie

This key layer item is suitable for yoga fitness, and its fashion elements are also suitable for daily wear. The truncated silhouette showcases a sexy waist, and the soft hem disperses the femininity of the modern generation. Details such as a half zip and sweatshirt add style. Use Logo and decoration to further enhance the single product, or try color and texture innovation.

Sports Sweatshirt

Elastic leggings

Even basic movements require flexible clothing. Elastic legging makes sports charming and flexible. Isko’s Blue Skin and other fabric development technologies are worth paying attention to. Inspired by skin elasticity, the brand’s most stretchable elastic development can provide super sportiness and mobility, as well as maintain the ultimate resilience of the version. By adding fabric to the legs, it enhances sports comfort and shows the design details of the cutout.

Sports Legging

Mindful bodysuit

Even when doing simple exercise, it is necessary to make the clothing and its body move into one. Vitamin-infused fabrics are perfect for skin-friendly models throughout the body, adding health benefits to exercise and rehabilitation. The minimalist aesthetic with delicate details is both charming and refined. While maintaining functional elements, it incorporates trends such as cutouts to make dressers more mysterious and sexy.

2020 Yoga wear New Tredency

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