Ukraine Situation Makes the Price of Textile Raw Materials Increase

Ukraine Situation

The situation in the Russian-Wulian border is again tension, and the financial market is “shock”. On the same day, Russian President Putin issued a national video speech, announced that Udon folk armed claimant, the People’s Republic of Donetsk and the People’s Republic of Lugansk, in this, the United States, the European Union, and the Ukrainian parties quickly responded, the White House called the United States The President will sign an administrative order to prohibit economic exchanges in American citizens and Donbas.

Europe's main three major stock markets fell over 2%

Europe’s main three major stock markets fell over 2%

The Russian tension situation also caused the European market panic, and the three major stock indexes in Europe did drop in the same day. The British London stock market fell 0.39%, and the French Paris stock market fell by 2.04%; Frankfurt stock market in France fell by 2.07%

International oil prices have increased significantly Brent oil prices for more than 7 years to break 97 US dollars / barrel


The Newest Oli Fee

The raw materials are mad; some imported materials are facing off the crisis
According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in more than 130 key basic chemical materials, 32% of the varieties in my country are still blank, and 52% of the varieties still depend on imports. Such as high-end electronic chemicals, high-end functional materials, high-end polyolefins, aromatics, chemical fibers, etc., and most of the above products and industrial chains are mostly basic chemical raw materials.

It is not difficult to see that more than 30 chemicals in my country have mainly imported abroad, with some high-end monopoly products such as adiponitrile, hexanedine, high-end titanium powder, silicone. These products have begun from the beginning of the year, and the price trend is gradually high, up to 8200 yuan / ton, rising nearly 30%.

In terms of oil prices, Russian tensions have triggered the supply concerns of crude oil market. The international oil prices rose significantly on Monday. New York crude oil futures increased by 2.90%, reported 92.83 US dollars / barrel; Brent crude oil futures price increased by 3.90%, reported $ 97.19 / barrel In September 2014, it is more than 7 years. International gold price is not changed.



PP / PE industry chain

Japan Polyethylene Co., Ltd.: From March 15, all PE products raised 23 ylns / kg, about 1263 yuan / ton.
Polypropylene Co.,: Since March 1, all PP products are up to 25 yen / kg, about 1373 yuan / ton.

PA6 / PA66 / PBT industry chain

BASF: Investing prices for 8 TPU products in the Asia-Pacific Elastollan® series, up to 3167 yuan; raising the Ultramid® series of high-performance materials in the Asia-Pacific region, non-flame exhaustiation-rated PA66, PA6, PBT products raised 300 US dollars / ton; Flame-fired PA66, PA6, PBT products are raised to $ 800 / ton.

DSM: The price of the following engineering materials can be upgraded worldwide, and the Asia Pacific Akulon® series PA6 \ PA66 products are raised by 1875 yuan / ton; the Arnitel® series TPC products are up to 2250 yuan / ton; ECOPAXX® series PA410 products are raised 4,500 yuan / ton; the Fortii® series PA4T \ PPA product is raised 4,500 yuan / ton; the Stanyl® series PA46 products are up to 3,000 yuan / ton.

DuPont: Investing a series of products such as PA, PBT, POM, TPC, up to 8880 yuan / ton. Enhance the price of polymer products such as PBT, PET, PA, TPU in North America, up to 8270 yuan / ton.

The population of the epidemic has also caught up the increasingly upgraded geopolitical conflict, and the situation in the eastern Ukrainian situation has changed, which has affected the supply of overseas crude oil and natural gas. At the same time, Coschini, Dotal Energy, Dow, British, Akarma and other chemical major factories have been encountered in force majeure. The product output will be affected, even for several weeks, which is currently the current domestic chemical market. The market will undoubtedly bring a huge impact.

Polyester Price Tendency

According to past experience, the crude oil market rose, and the polyester polyester market must rise! Because crude oil is one of the most important raw materials in the polyester polyester industry, the rise and fall of oil prices will directly affect the overall profitability of the polyester polyester industry. Affected by the rise of crude oil in 24, PTA and ethylene glycol futures have once again increased, and the increase of Ethylene glycol is over 100 points, and the increase of more than 2%, and the PTA closing is nearly 300 yuan, and 5.31% increase.

Price of Crude Oil Market

Under the driving of the prices of upstream raw materials, although the polyester plant did not increase the quote of polyester filament, the transportation atmosphere of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and the afternoon of the afternoon. In terms of production and sales, the market production and sales of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and the mainstream production and sales of 250%, which rose by 215.8% from the previous working day.

Indeed, currently to the polyester industry, there is this timing, whether the polyester plant can take out the situation of the inventory and become the focus of many people!

Polyester Stock Situation

From the near stage, the Russian crisis has caused market nerves. The crude oil phase of the crude oil is irreversible. It is still continuing. The market is still in the market, and the short-term will have a strong support for polyester wire. The shipping speed will also accelerate.

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