CELYSTM (Cyric®) Maojing Fabric Gets ISPO Global Award

ISPO Global Top Ten Awards

This time, CelysTM’s partner Jiang Sudan wool textile development wool + CelysTM Blended Woven fabric obtained the TOP 10 award of Accelerated Eco in ISPO Textrends in ISPO Textrends. The winning fabric is blended from 70% of Australian Merino Wool and 30% of CelysTM fiber, which is a rounded sweat cloth for outdoor base layer. Wool fibers have been robbed, and the fabrics can be washed, easy to take, but the addition of CELYSTM fibers not only improve the wearing fastness of the fabric, but also gives better moisture absorption, excellent natural resistance Performance, while maintaining 100% biodegradable properties of fabrics, achieving the perfect balance of environmentally sustainable and functionality.

CELYSTM (Cyric®) Fiber Unique Performance Combination

CelysTM (Cyric®) Maojing Fabric Winning ISPO Global Top Ten Awards

CELYSTM (Cyris®) can biodegradable polyester fiber as the world’s first subletable polyester fiber, which is certified by the EU (DIN / SEEDLING) and North American market (BPI), has been launched in the market. Very high attention. In just half a year, CELYSTM short fibers are in various types of clothing fabrics and filling applications, such as broken bamboo, especially in the field of wool / cashmere blend, which is all unprecedented in the field of wool / cashmere blend, which has excellent performance combinations excellent in CELYSTM fiber. Direct relationship:

CELYSTM (Cyric®) Fiber
  • 1 natural cotton feel

Do not produce chemical fiber feel due to high content

  • 2 natural hygroscopic quick drying

The hydrophilic third monomer producing the CELYSTM polymer material effectively improves the resilient rate of the polyester material (4 times that of ordinary polyester), and therefore has good hygroscopicity. The fiber itself has a honeycomb structure and capillary pipe, which can quickly moisture by, dry;

  • 3 Excellent anti-ball performance

CelysTM fiber fracture strength is close to cotton, whether it is with other natural / cellulose fiber blend, or in 100% CelysTM short-fiber fabric can achieve excellent anti-ball performance. This has opened up a new creation space for short-fiber function fabrics;

  • 4 Alternatively

CELYSTM fibers can be stained with dispersion dyes (medium, low temperature) or cation dyes, and its color fastness can be comparable to ordinary polyester. This greatly facilitates the dodies of the wovenly fabric, while achieving more energy-saving reduction.

CELYSTM (Cyric®) fiber ShirtCELYSTM (Cyric®) fiber JumperCELYSTM (Cyric®) fiber Polo shirt
  • From Dani’s “actual combat” experience, compared with ordinary hair dry fabrics, the same specifications of wool / CELYSTM fiber blend fabric viewed from physical indicators, all of the test indicators can be higher than the required value. Of course, since the CELYSTM fiber itself has anti-hairy ball properties, the single fiber power is low, and the tensile strength of the fabric is slightly lower than the ordinary wool fabric, but this does not affect the performance of the fabric.
  • From the comparison data of each color fastness, the color fastness of the CelysTM fiber fabric is very excellent, but its dyeing temperature can be lower, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the production process, and also reduces carbon emissions.
  • The size stability of the CELYSTM fiber fabric is excellent in size, which is basically compared to ordinary hair mixed fabric.
  • Overall, CELYSTM fiber has a lot of excellent performance while having a lot of excellence, as long as it takes high temperature for fiber properties, it can avoid power loss during production.

CELYSTM (Cyric®) fiber biodegradable global certification

CelysTM (Cyric®) fiber is the world’s first polyester fiber detected by Germany Rhine laboratory compostable degradation. Under industrial composting conditions, 180 days of biodegradation rate exceeded 95% (more than 90% of the more than 90% of the more than 90% of the world is called “complete biodegradation”)! At the same time, heavy metals, chemical residual and moving, plant toxicity were detected. On this basis, CelysTM (Cyris®) fibers have obtained EU DIN and SEEDLING in 2021, US BPI compostful degradation certification, and meet the GB detection standards for degradable plastics in the Chinese market. CELYSTM provides a new closed-loop solution for sustainable development of the global textile industry.

CELYSTM (Cyric®) Fiber Biodegradable Certification

Founded in 2014, Intimiti Australian Co., Ltd. is a technology company consisting of scientist team, with members from Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and China. The company is committed to the development and innovation of environmentally friendly high-performance materials, which is designed to promote the sustainable development of the industry, to create a closed-loop circular economy, thereby reducing human environmental footprints.

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