Yaroad Clothing Improving To Disposable Mask Line


Since January 2020, the Covid-19 spread and makes serious influence on China work and life. Facing quick spread of virus, disposable mask is urgently and hugely need by all over the China.

Why mask is hugely needed by China and whole word?

Reason one: route of transmission for Covid-19. The novel coronavirus is transmitted Vis droplets and fomites during close unprotected contact between an infector and infected. It can be envisaged if certain aerosol- generating procedures are conducted in healthcare facilities. Reason two: our disposable mask reduces the risk from highly contagious viruses. Lab tested and clinically proved to prevent the risk the infections. Disposable mask filters out 99% of virus, bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen and smoke.

Know more about Yaroad Mask Factory

In order to respond to government and social called for, Yaroad clothing as a clothing manufacture with powerful production capacity, our clothing factory change part on clothing production line to disposable mask production line. We produce disposable mask with high standard by GB- 15979-2002 and GB/T32610-2016 standard. Our governmental highest lab test clinically. So our mask is safe for anyone. Our disposable face mask blocks any harmful respiratory droplets in the air and lets you breath freely.

Yaroad Disposable Face Mask

Yaroad introduces advanced mask production machines and source high standard mask material: 3 layers, two layers are PP Nonwoven fabric middle layer is melt-blown nonwoven fabric and accessories: 2 high elastic ear lanyards, one plastic nose bridge.

Yaroad has been China standard disposable mask factory and manufacturer with 500, 000 pcs disposable mask production capacity. We are warmly welcome any inquiry for order from any countries in mask production with MOQ 10, 000 PCS. The efficient and safe shipping service could be offered.

If you need disposable, please do not hesitate to contact with Yaroad.A million units cost only 0.36usd a piece

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Contact with: Kiki Chen
Director of Mask Product Operation
Email: kiki@yaroad.com
Whatsapp: 8618850556181
Telephone number: 8618850556181

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