7 Designs for Sports Pant Waist Design

As a centerpiece, sweatpants can be updated with a focus on the details of the waistline, while taking inspiration from ready-to-wear and outdoor clothing to develop in sports, streetwear and outdoor areas. Add practical details to the waistband with string, rubber and other details and functional accessories, so that this piece can break through pure sports category. Boxing waistband and paper bag waistband inject fashion into core items like sweatpants and jogging pants.

Sports Pant

Stringing strap

The string is a key design detail to be noticed, and is exposed or attached to the waistband by ear loops to bring new ideas to the familiar silhouette, as well as decorative accessories. The essential pieces of the new collection are enhanced in detail, and the waist strap or front strap is inspired by accessory accessories such as bags and waistbands.

Stringing strap

Delicate excipients

Accessory decoration plays an important role in this season, and for decoration at the place where ropes are worn, large air holes add a little attention to the individual pieces. The decoration of buttonhole, hardware buckle and other auxiliary materials realize the decoration upgrade of the appearance of the single product, and also help to enhance the commercial value of the single product.

Sports pant Delicate excipients

Multifunctional hook

Explore the quantity and sense of detail of practical functions, and the signature practical details have quietly swept across all categories. Climbing rope buckle, detachable towel and detachable pocket are the focus of the waistband development of the new season pants. Features eye-catching functionality with subtle details such as the Nike waistband button for easy removal with a towel.

Sport pant Multifunctional hook

Single/double side adjustment

The popular adjustable waistband creates a highly practical and aesthetically appealing outdoor pant that spans outdoor, urban, leisure and other occasions, with fun details on one or both sides of the drawcord. Velcro, adjustable O button instead of adjustable button to update practical details.

Sport pant Singledouble side adjustment

Boxer waistband

Compared with last year’s riding pants, the new season’s major fashion weeks are leading the boxing pants to take a heavy hit, and its representative element is the waist logo label. Try different designs to show off these details, such as a high-waisted threaded waistband, or try a 3-D print or a side print to update the waist details.

Boxer waistband for Sports Pant

Paper bag waist

The return of paper bag pants to this trend, sports pants are also reflected, the use of elastic drawcord, webbing buckle adjustment design to make the waist more flexible, rubber pleated way to take care of comfort and style requirements.

Paper bag waist for Sports pant

Wide rubber waistband

The waistband is more comfortable in the new season of development, and the wide rubber band and fake two-piece waist stand out from the whole group of sweatpants, which will attract consumers. Let people from office wear to casual out, a good fit with the trend of office leisure.

Open front

Elasticated waistbands and drawcord waistbands are no longer limited to sportswear categories, but penetrate into garment bottoms, such as the front and center zipper or button open, easy to wear sports open pants as a key piece of the rise, showcasing the appeal of both indoor and outdoor, and in a variety of styles such as jogging pants, tapered pants, the softness of the fabric can’t be ignored

Open front for sports pant

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