The Chinese luxury goods giant Kering announced that it has decided to stop the use of animal furs throughout the group. Starting from the autumn collection of 2022, all brands under the group no longer use animal fur. This means that Kering Group will usher in the “zero fur era”

Fur and Apparel

François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering Group, said: “For many years, Kering has been a pioneer in the pursuit of sustainable development. The environment is inseparable from social values and standards. In terms of animal welfare, we have always been happy to improve our supply chain and the practice of the entire boutique industry. Now is the time to go one step further, and all series of our group’s brands will no longer use animal fur. The world is changing, customers are also changing, and the boutique industry naturally needs to adapt to the new changes.”.

Fur Free

Kering’s flagship brand Gucci announced in October 2017 that it would abandon animal fur-covering mink, coyote, raccoon, fox, rabbit and Karakul big-tailed sheep, as well as other animals that are raised or captured for fur behavior.

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