Disposable, isolation gown also name as protective clothing. Facing the fast spread of coronavirus, isolation gown gradually become the google search hot words recently.


The following is the brief introduction of our isolation gown:

  1. The use of environment friendly materials made of non-woven fabric, processed by special process, with water repellent, breathable, dust-proof, Anti-static .Flexibility and other advantage. Antibacterial rate is more than 99.99% with multi-layer. Effective protection of dust. Harmful parties and low-hazardous liquids with limited splashing.
High Sealing Hood

2.High Sealing performance in adhesive for medical using.

3.Three panel hood design with elastic brim. Effectively block dust and biological contaminants.

4.Zipper design. Simple and efficient to wear and take off.

Disposable Isolation Gown

5.Elastic cuff design. Comfortable and flexible to work

Protective Clothing Elastic Cuff

6.Elastic waist design. Elastic waist design, more comfortable to wear, but also to meet the needs of different staff figure.

High Sealing Hood

7.Coveralls design. Coveralls design provides additional protection, breathable and waterproof, anti- infection.

8.Elastic waist and ankles. Elastic waist and ankles for convenience and freedom of movement.

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