Why did Macdonald and CLOT’s cross-border limited work together?

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Why did Macdonald and CLOT's cross-border limited work together?

McDonald’s, which has transformed from a fast-food restaurant to a pop culture symbol, is building a pop culture system in the fields of cross-border fashion, street, music, art and sports based on its own brand genes. When Michael Jordan won the Barcelona Olympics as a member of the 1992 American “Dream Team”, McDonald’s launched the first “celebrity meal” in the brand’s history, McJordan Special.

Why did Macdonald and CLOT's cross-border limited work together?

What is reason of streetwear brand CLOT become McDonald’s China’s first “McSpicy Partner”?

Partnerships with equally influential celebrities have allowed McDonald’s to extend its brand culture to a more diverse range and a wider audience – after Michael Jordan, the McDonald’s camp has been joined by legendary skater Tony Hawk, basketball superstar Lebron James, hip hop musicians Travis Scott and J Balvin, a globally renowned K-POP idol group BTS and the recent much-talked-about girl idol group New Jeans.

Why did Macdonald and CLOT's cross-border limited work together?

On the other hand, McDonald’s has also begun to frequently appear in the fashion and street fields that attract the attention of young people, and the cooperation with Alexander Wang, fashion celebrity Colette and street creative unit Cactus Plant Flea Market has also enabled McDonald’s to firmly occupy the number one position in “trendy dining”, and the highly recognizable “M Mark” logo has become a symbol of fashion in the eyes of young people.

Combining traditional and modern street language to connect the Eastern and Western streetwear fields, CLOT has always been a maverick streetwear force for the younger generation who are passionate about pop culture. Rooted in the roots of traditional Chinese culture, since its inception in 2003, CLOT has continuously incorporated Chinese elements into streetwear and sneaker design, from “silk” and “terracotta warriors” to the recently debuted CLOT x Nike “CLOTEZ”, bringing the Taoist yin and yang philosophy that has been passed down for thousands of years back to the public with a new attitude with its unique creativity.

Why did Macdonald and CLOT's cross-border limited work together?

It is worth mentioning that 2023 is the 20th anniversary of the CLOT brand, and in a conversation with the brand manager Edison Chen, he also revealed that the brand will usher in a variety of forms of co-production in the next year, and this first cross-border cooperation with McDonald’s China is an indispensable part of it.

CLOT’s 20 years of development of the continuous accumulation of street culture, and its wide influence among street people, has also made it the first “McSpicy Partner” of McDonald’s China. From the dining crossover street, McSpicy’s “extreme spicy” reinterpreted by CLOT’s unique trend style is evolving into a new fashion that integrates into the diverse lifestyles of contemporary young people.

This time, CLOT draws creative inspiration from the DNA of the Chinese mainland popular Mai Spicy series products, and brings cross-border limited product packaging to the Mai Spicy family star products – Mai Spicy Chicken Thigh Burger and Mai Spicy Chicken Wings, as well as a number of limited-time new products including Spicy Fat Sauce Chicken Thigh Burger, Shake Hot Lobster Flavored Chicken Tender, Poplar Manna Flavored Wheat Whirlwind, etc., bringing a new interpretation to the Mai Spicy family with a unique trend perspective, making it “hot and spicy” Aesthetics is fully integrated into the diverse life scenes of young people.

How do McSpicy and CLOT infuse the Mai Spicy spirit into the trendy lifestyle of the younger generation?

Taking advantage of the first collaboration between McDonald’s China and CLOT, Hypebeast also brings you the non-public sale of the McSpice and CLOT cross-border limited hot series special gift box unboxing, showing you the crossover trend philosophy of McSpicy and CLOT up close, and showing many surprise items in the gift box.

From the release of the brand’s first Royale clothing collection in 2007 to the launch of the famous “Red Silk” Air Force 1 through Nike’s “1 World” joint project, “Silk Royale” has always been considered to be the cultural totem that best represents CLOT’s street DNA. With the special gift box of McSpicy and CLOT’s cross-border limited trendy series, the unique packaging created by the “Silk Royale” silk totem has suddenly become the focus of everyone’s attention.

Why did Macdonald and CLOT's cross-border limited work together?

Based on the “Silk Royale” silk totem, this special gift box is also composed of the classic elements of the McDonald’s brand, the “M Mark” logo and the “I’m lovin’ it” slogan, forming a recognizable main visual pattern. It is also worth mentioning the exclusive cartoon pattern printed on the packaging of the McSpice and CLOT cooperation model, which integrates the “hot” burger of the McSpicy family with the CLOT “square circle” logo, showing the playful side of the McSpicy and CLOT cross-limited hot series.

The popular item in the special gift box, the CLOT limited loose hooded sweatshirt, is a “hybrid product” from McSpicon’s “extreme spicy” colliding with street culture. Featuring a red and black hooded sweatshirt embroidered with the ‘M mark’ logo at the chest, this hooded sweatshirt’s most striking design is the cartoon print on the back, which combines McSpice’s spicy spirit with CLOT’s branding

CLOT’s own street philosophy is also fully expressed in McSpice’s collaboration with CLOT for the “Hot Sweatshirt”. The “Silk Royale” silk totem presented on the sleeves incorporates the word “condensation” representing the CLOT brand culture and the special logo for the 20th anniversary of its establishment, which is similar to the leather label detail in the hem part.

Also unveiled in the special box of McSpicy and CLOT’s cross-border limited hot and hot series, a ton of water cups and super tote bags are now used as a creative carrier that integrates the “Mai Spicy Spirit” and CLOT street culture, adding a full new meaning to the trendy lifestyle of young people. The CLOT limited super tote bag, blessed by McDonald’s representative colors, uses the “Silk Royale” silk totem to create a unique visual effect, which is both beautiful and practical; With a leather cup sleeve and a carrying strap, the CLOT limited ton water cup is also composed of “Silk Royale”, which is enough to become a bright decoration in street looks.

Why did Macdonald and CLOT's cross-border limited work together?

In addition, CLOT also brought McDonald’s China employees an exclusive uniform, the “Hot Series” short-sleeved printed workwear, which is the finishing touch of the “Silk Royale” silk totem and the Chinese style buckle design; The color combination of black, red, red and yellow is the representative color of CLOT and McDonald’s respectively, interpreting a completely different trend style.

Not only can you taste McSpice’s “extreme spicy” and CLOT’s exclusive trend philosophy in “three meals a day”, but also bring new inspiration to daily styling, combining cross-border inspiration and trend culture genes, McSpicy and CLOT cross-border limited hot and spicy series through diversified creative perspectives, so that the enthusiastic and energetic spirit of wheat spicy can be integrated into the trend lifestyle of the young generation, setting off a new round of street “wheat spicy fashion”.

McSpicy and CLOT cross-border limited hot and spicy series have been launched on McDonald’s Tmall flagship store from now on; the specially designed McSpicy product line packaging by CLOT has also been launched in 5,000 McDonald’s stores in China.

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