Leopard Printed Too Hot

For us, leopard print is universal, no matter what your age or occupation.

—Dolce & Donna Designer Domenic Dolce

Seeing the wave of animal prints in the new season, Leopard prints lead by absolute advantage. Become a hot symbol of popularity. Its color and texture make countless fashion people meet the challenge bravely.

Leopard print is unique. The strength in its bones has an innate choice for the wearer. Those who can wear leopard print gorgeously must be the lucky ones to be selected. Leopard print is elegant and retro. It has become the favorite of celebrity and politician.

Clothing Manufacturing Company women in sexy leopard dress

Leopard print is adventurous, free and romantic. Starting with the first leopard coat by Norman Norell, the father of leopard print, Let countless designers and fashion icons be crazy. Some people say that no matter how the trend changes, Leopard prints will always be able to live up to expectations. A variety of animal patterns have become the most outstanding accessory in this season.

Clothing Manufacturing Company women in leopard dress

Dior is creative and talented. It builds leopard print to classic fashion. Leopard is the most common animal grain element. In the 1920s, American famous actress Ma Rian Nixon loved leopard fur almost crazy. Ladies wear designer Jeanne Paquin added a leopard fur to her coat. This design caused quite a lot of resounding at the time, but the real connection between leopard and “classic” is Mr. Christian Dior.

It is the first time that Mr. Christian Dior use the leopard picture not leopard fur into fashion. In spring and summer season of 1947, he designed two leopard print dress, named Jungleand and Afrique. After 1960s and 1970s, the fashion world set off a crazy for pursuing leopard print. It represents the perfect feminine qualities of elegance, sensuality, mystery and confidence.

In spring winter of 2019, what should we wear?

1.Leopard Printed Coat

Medium and long coats have always been a popular symbol in winter. A leopard coat can bring some new ideas to winter style, and from the perspective of “easy to wear”, leopard coat is easier to control than fur, in the boring winter. A leopard coat will rejuvenate your entire wardrobe.

2.Leopard Printed Pants

Light and elegant material, loose and neat layout makes leopard print pants is out the limit of age and figure. If you want to be more attractive, wearing with light top could make you more fashionable.

Clothing Manufacturing Company women in leopard coat

3.Leopard Printed Dress

In 2018, Yaroad’s clients also have increasing needs of leaopard products. As a professional clothing manufacturing company, Yaroad clothing provides its excellent bulk production service on making leopard men causal jackets.

In past half year of 2019, Yaroad has manufactured 100,000 pieces custom made causal dress with animal print. The needs of market shows the trend of custom made dress. If you want start your clothing brands business, pls know more about Yaroad clothing and get free ideas.

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