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Top 10 High-tech Fabrics You Should Know.

1.Machine washable wool

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As we all know, wool is a keratinous fiber that tends to shrink so that it needs to be dry-cleaned. But some people think that the cost of dry cleaning every season is enough to buy a new one. If you try to google the solutions online, then you will find you’re not the only who care about “how to wash a sweater made of wool”. Now, you do not need to worry anymore. Machine-washable wool has arrived! What’s more, the “wool” option is already appearing in the washing machine. Any washing machine can do it easily! Washable wool adopts new environmental protection anti-shrinking finishing process, Ozone treatment. In a true sense, wool is a material that can be machine-washable. The application of this technology, the suit made of the wool is also machine washable. Excellent washable ability and pilling resistance is very good to make people’s clothing. Currently, the wool has been applied to the market.

2.Intelligent temperature regulating fiber

yaroad custom clothing manufacturer

Smart thermostat fiber originates from the concept of NASA’s design and development for landing on the moon. Astronauts need to wear protective clothing to defend against drastic changes in the ambient temperature when they walk out of the spacecraft. Intelligent thermostat fiber comes into being because of the discomfort and danger caused by this temperature difference. This technology is now widely used in civilian products. The intelligent temperature-regulating fiber is coated with phase change material by microcapsule PCM technology to realize the bidirectional temperature adjustment function. At the same time, it has excellent humidity control function, quick dry and breathable feature, and the PCM microcapsules in the fiber will not be worn or washed away, and the physical effect is lasting. When people wear garments made of such fibers, during the wearing and washing process, the microcapsules are gradually broken due to friction, and the phase change material is released to achieve the effect of intelligent temperature regulation. In brief, there is a substance that keeps you warmth when you are cold. Keeping Cool when you’re hot. And this material can be made into fibers, and finally spun into a fabric to wear on the body. At present, it has been applied in the fields of underwear, home textiles, socks, outdoor, infant and young children’s clothing.

3.Color changing & cloaking material

yaroad custom clothing manufacturer

Those who have seen Harry Potter will never forget the chapter that Harry has an invisibility cloak. When I first watched the movie, I really wanted to have one. Now, this wish can finally be realized. The fiber that makes this stealth material is called the color changing silk. It’s a new type of intelligent and functional fiber. Color changing silk is embedded in the latest photochromic materials based on biomass fiber.  It can change from colorless to colorful in an instant when the fiber is exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light. It can also change from colored to another color. When the irradiation is stopped, the fiber returns to its original color. Due to its characteristic of color changing, the fiber can be used as a high-grade embroidery thread, brand anti-counterfeit logo, high-end shirt, special protective stealth clothing, etc. As sports clothing manufacturers, Yaroad has introduced this technology to sports jackets.

4.Hygroscopic quick-drying fiber

One kind of moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fiber is Outcool fiber, with a unique cross-shaped section in quickly spread, transport and excrete moisture and sweat on the surface of the skin to achieve the function of moisture absorption and quick drying. When it comes to how hygroscopic they are, just looking at this test as below. Two pieces of black and white cloth are ordinary fabrics and red and blue are Outcool fabrics. In order to see the results clearly, the effect of water droplets on the red and black cloth was intercepted.

yaroad custom clothing manufacturer
yaroad custom clothing manufacturer

5.Graphene smart clothing

The black technology product makes you warm in extreme cold wave weather. Electro thermal inks are grown on specific fibrous skeletons and blended with special fibers and conductive fibers to produce high-performance graphene textile materials. The material has the characteristics of washing resistance, fast heating, low voltage driving, long service life, and high far-infrared conversion rate. Since it is so good, what is the use? Scientists will make graphene into an intelligent module. If this smart heating module is used in body-building underwear, it will be placed in the front of the body-shaped body. It has many functions such as heat preservation, health, shaping, self-cultivation, etc. As a reason, it must best choice of outdoor sports jackets.

6.Mosquito repellent fiber

There are more than 3,000 mosquitoes in the world, killing more than 725,000 people each year and spreading more than 80 diseases. Nowadays, mosquito repellent fiber is coming. The key point of this technology is “expelling”. And it is widely used by shirt clothing manufacturers. During the spinning process of the lyocell, scientists uniformly embed the material with the mosquito repellent effect (German imported) into the fiber cross-section. It can effectively repel mosquitoes. The main principle of this fiber is to play a role in destroying the nervous system of the target insect. After entering the surface, it can be naturally decomposed by microorganisms and sunlight, and it is harmless to human health. According to GB/T 30126-2013, The Detection And Evaluation Of Anti-mosquito Performance In Textiles shows that a fabric containing 15% mosquito repellent fiber can achieve a 70% avoidance rate.

7.Antibacterial and mite resistant fibers

The scientific name of the fungus-proof aphid fiber is polylactic acid fiber. The trade name is called milk silk. It is a FDA-approved bio-based material that can be directly used in human body. It can be widely used in the production of biomedical products such as absorbable surgical sutures, textile, garment and personal protective equipment, etc. The longitudinal direction of the milk filament is obvious lateral groove, the cross-section is slightly rounded, and there are obvious holes and cracks. It can improve the capillary effect of the fiber, ensuring that the fiber is breathable and dry. The surface of the milk silk material maintains the same weak acidity on the human skin, preventing the adhesion and reproduction of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is possible to form a natural and balanced antibacterial environment without adding any bacteriostatic agent, and the antibacterial rate against harmful bacterial fungi is over 90%, and the same inhibition effect on aphids is also achieved.


Uniqlo and Alexander Wang’s new line of co-signature collaboration, featuring fashion and functional integration, is expected to be launched worldwide on April 11. This series focuses on Uniqlo’s AIRISM functional underwear, featuring sweat absorption, quick drying, breathability, flexibility and so on. AIRism is based on the principle that fibers are extremely fine so that their diameter is only one-twelfth of that of hair, and then woven into polygonal yarns with larger surface area, faster sweat absorption, and faster evaporation than ordinary fibers. AIRism is not Uniqlo’s first fashion-integrated underwear. In November last year, Uniqlo launched HEATTECH functional warm underwear in collaboration with Alexander Wang. HEATTECH fabrics, like AIRism fabrics,developed by Uniqlo in cooperation with Japanese textile giant Toray. According to different weaving methods, the warmth retention of HEATTECH fabrics can even reach 1.4 times and 2.1 times that of ordinary warmth-keeping fabrics. It can be seen that Uniqlo has been adhering to the attitude of excellence in the research and development of comfortable underwear.  The biggest surprise is that Uniqlo has teamed up with Alexander Wang in a lingerie line. But when you think about Alexander Wang’s consistent design style, you can’t help wondering that how wonderful this joint name is.

9.The constant temperature of 37.5® technology jeans series

Compared with Uniqlo’s HEATTEECH and AIRISM, CALVIN KLEIN launched the 37.5 technology-denim series is getting more and more popular. The constant temperature 37.5 technology used in this series of jeans has been developed by Cocona Company of the United States. By inserting volcanic sand or coconut guest activated carbon particles into the fabric, the speed of sweat to gas conversion was accelerated to achieve the purpose of adjusting body temperature. Specifically, how to regulate body temperature, the official introduction said that active particles can enhance the elasticity and comfort of denim, so that the skin surface maintain a relative humidity of 37.5 of the microclimate, whether in severe cold or hot weather to maintain a comfortable temperature. What is the constant temperature of 37.5 technology? 37.5® active particles are natural materials. Volcanic sand or coconut shell activated carbon particles are embedded in the fabric to accelerate the conversion of sweat to gas, thus realizing automatic temperature regulation when human body temperature is overheated or super-cooled. When the body feels hot, these particles can absorb energy to help cool down, and when the body feels cold, they can also help save energy to maintain a certain temperature. In addition to ensuring temperature comfort, 37.5 technology products have faster-drying speed. It can more effectively keep the human body dry so that the human body can keep in a comfortable state for a long time. What are the advantages of constant temperature technology?

37.5® active particles can increase the elasticity and comfort of denim.

37.5® technology helps you warm up in a cold environment and cool down in a hot environment.

37.5® technology can keep the microclimate on the skin surface at the optimum relative humidity of 37.5%.

37.5® technology helps you drain sweat from the vapor phase before liquid sweat forms.

37.5® active particles are natural.

37.5® technology can absorb odors and release them during cleaning and drying.

37.5® active particles will be permanently embedded in the yarn and will never be washed out or invalidated.

10.Seven Makaron-flavored Fabrics.Intelligent temperature regulating fiber

The method of blending the rose-extracted fiber with cotton yarn is used to make the yarn containing the rose-extracted fiber and eventually mix the cotton yarn with rose-scented fiber.

The prepared grey cloth is treated by salting shrinkage, scouring, oxidation, bleaching, and color dying to obtain cloth. The prepared cloth is soaked in a mixture of rose microcapsules at 85 C and low-temperature fixatives for 30 to 40 minutes and then dehydrated to obtain cloth. The cloth 2 was baked at a temperature of 3.9 4.3 MPa and 80 to 110 C at a speed of 9 to 12 meters per minute. Why can you smell it? The fragrance can be smelled when the outer shell of the microcapsule is damaged by beating or rubbing. Fragrance microcapsule technology makes you more fragrant and charming. The fabric is made of acrylic, modal and spandex. It is a comfort, skin-friendly and breathable. It will not be sultry in summer. The fragrance will be emitted from the fibers by friction or body temperature heating. The fabric itself contains the functional acrylic fibers unique to Mitsubishi Company of Japan. It is not only comfortable to wear close to the skin but also has the fragrance from inside to outside which touches our senses. Within 100 times of washing, the fragrance will not disappear. If there is no external force, the microcapsules will not be damaged and the fragrance will be preserved all the time. The light fragrance not only makes you more attractive but also enhances the good sense of other people. Let you become the most prominent one in the crowd. This new fabric is the E-commerce favorite product which helps them to increase sales. It is very popular in the high end clothing production compenies. The fabrics carrying fresh and mild fragrance prevents from sweating smell in hot summer. It is suitable for multiple occasions to wear.

The fabric is currently developed into seven flavors of Macaron, and each color is close to nature.

There is some brief introduction, as follow:

(1) Milk fruit green. This year’s forest color system is on fashion. Low saturation green brings a fresh and sweet feel.

(2) Hyacinth blue. The tranquil light blue touches the heart at a glance, gentle and pleasant, as gentle as a breeze.

(3) Misty Purple. This color reminds you of the lavender garden in Provence, surrounded by a whole piece of tender purple. The air is full of romantic flavor.

(4) Lychee White. Gentle and elegant but cannot be ignored in the crowd.

(5) Lemon yellow. It is a very lively and bright color with a pleasant feeling, high saturation, and good color.

(6) Cherry red. It is super-vigorous red.

(7) Blackcurrant black. It is a color with calm, comfortable and relaxing, steady and a sense of mystery.

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