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15 Best Sportswear Fabric You Need To Know

Outdoor sport is getting popular in all over the world in the recent 5 years like hiking, skiing, cycling, surfing, camping, etc. If you want to enjoy the outdoor sport, there’s one thing you should have, it’s high quality and comfortable outdoor clothing. How to choose the nice outdoor clothing? The most important factor is fabric material. Here I am presenting 15 fabrics for outdoor clothing. Let’s start.


The highly acclaimed GORE-Tex has a high level of performance in terms of waterproofing and breathability, making it the ultimate choice for top coats. Gore-Tex itself is a very thin expanded polytetrafluoroethylene film EPTFE (expanded Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) placed on the fabric in a sandwich. It is characterized by 1.4 billion small holes per square inch. Each hole is only one-twentieth of a water drop, but it is 700 times larger than the water vapor molecule. Therefore, only water vapor can pass through without water. With a water pressure of 45,000mm and a gas permeability of 13,500g/m2/24hrs, it has excellent waterproof and breathable function. Also, because the fabric used by mont-bell is lighter and lighter than usual, its air permeability is higher than that of other companies. Know more about the GORE-Tex.


Dry-Tec tarpaulin is a good choice for those who require lightweight. It is water resistant to 30,000mm water pressure, comparable to Gore-Tex, and has a gas permeability of up to 6,000g/m2/24hrs. The weight is 1/3 lighter than Gore-Tex, and the folded volume is nearly half. Its secret is the synthesis of Poly Urethane (Polyurethane) and Ceramic (Deuterated Carbon) technology, using a three-layer structure. The bottom layer is a very tough film that combines the fabric and resists water pressure. The microspores are only 0.1mm in size; the center is a highly breathable layer, with large microspores (5-10mm), and finally a layer containing deuterated carbon. It is a thin, wear-resistant and protective film with 5 mm. microspore size. Its’ unique structure gives Dry-Tec an exceptionally waterproof and breathable performance and lighter weight. Other advantages of Dry-Tec include: the folding volume is very small and very washable and wearable, which is very suitable for active sports group men. (1mm is 1/1000mm).

3.Hydro Breeze-PXTM

Hydro Breeze tarpaulins are made from the renowned Hydrophone waterproofing membrane, which contains 0.1mm venting microspores. Similarly, the pores are only sized to allow sweat to pass through and block water droplets. The water resistance is up to 20,000mm water pressure, and the air permeability is also excellent at 4000g/m2/24hrs, which is cooler than the general waterproof raincoat. In addition, it is lighter and softer than other tarps. Hydro Breeze is quite washable and retains 15,000mm water pressure after 20 washes. The new generation of Hydro Breeze-PX is more wear-resistant and fold-resistant than ever, making it the choice for heavyweight wind and raincoats. (1mm is 1/1000mm)

4.Gore Dry Loft

W.L.Gore, USA uses Gore-Tex fabric technology to develop fabrics for down jackets. Gore’s researchers found that the fabric of the down jacket needs to have a very high breathability, so that the sweat from the body can be quickly discharged, not absorbed by the down and tangled down; on the other hand, it must be resisted. The ability of strong storms, Dry Loft was developed for this requirement. It has better moisture permeability than the general Gore-Tex fabric, but it can withstand the strong wind speed of 32km per hour, and has a high water-repellency to block snow. (Because it only snows during the cold and does not rain, the tear lines of all Dry Loft jackets will not be added with rainproof function.)


Compared with down, chemical fiber is less durable, but it is more moisture-resistant than down, and the price is more affordable. Excellent consists of only 8Denier’s core fibers and 0.8Denier microfibers. The macaroni fiber makes it more elastic, and the surface tension of the microfiber can fully hold the air for warmth. In addition, it is a method of using the elastic ring folding method, which is different from the general winding type. It makes the performance of elasticity and pressure resistance better, and it is better than the ordinary warmth of the insulation.


The ultra-thin insulation cotton is produced by American 3M Company. It consists of Olefin fiber, which is only a few times the size of the hair. Its heat preservation principle is to fully hold the molecules of the air by the surface tension of the surface of the microfiber, so that its heat preservation ability is far compared to its thick down or macaroni. It is also high, widely used for thin and light outdoor insulation jackets. 


Climapro is a windproof fur. The old-style windproof hair is made of a wind-proof membrane sandwich structure, and the hair becomes stiff and uncomfortable. However, Climapro uses a layer of tightly woven base fabric as a windproof layer to withstand more than 95% of the strong wind, while keeping the cloth body soft. And the air permeability is not damaged at all. Climapro uses a long and short hair structure inside and outside, the inner layer of long hair can quickly absorb the sweat, and the outer short hair helps to spread the sweat on the surface quickly, so that the sweat can dry out faster. In addition, Climapro’s surface layer and water-repellent processing make it prevent rain and snow from penetrating, and the insulation effect is further improved.

8.Climalight TM

Lightweight windproof with insulation material, which uses a two-layer structure, the surface layer is light and thin 45D nylon enamel, which has the function of windproof water repellency, while the inner part is soft polyester fiber velvet cloth, which can be used at the same time The sweat is sucked away, so that the body is always dry, mainly used for lightweight outer sleeves and gloves.


Chameece uses the latest microfiber technology in ultra-thin hair. The yarn is only 1/6 of the size of the hair, woven with tight weaving and deodorant treatment. It is thin and soft, and it is more wind-proof than other thick hairs. It is small in size and warmth is not inferior to thick hair. It is widely used for underwear, shirts or outerwear. Chameece’s name is the combination of Chamois (soft lambskin) and Fleece.


Wickron has the meaning of fast sweat-absorption. The pit pattern has the effect of water with the action of a micro tube. When the yarn is spun into a yarn, the round fiber is mixed to make it softer and more resistant to tearing. The overall sweating effect is several times larger than that of the general man-made fiber, and the artificial fiber can still remain artificial. The advantage of fast fiber drying, after drying for 1-2 hours after washing, it has completely dried out, and there is no shortage of cotton.


ZEO-LINE3D uses a unique double weave method; the outer layer is made of smoother and wear-resistant polyester fiber yarn to reduce the formation of hair. The inner layer is a soft, fluffy fiber for enhanced sweat absorption. The two layers of fiber expand the distance especially during weaving, leaving a large space on both layers. After the sweat is absorbed by the fibers in the inner layer, it will rapidly diffuse in this large space and then volatilize in the surface layer. Therefore, it has a larger sweat-drying function than other fabrics. In addition, this unique structure also makes the texture softer and more comfortable, and the inner layer is more anti-bacterial and deodorant-treated, which is One of the T-shirt materials in the highest performance field in the world market. Related to read:Top 10 High-tech Fabrics You Should Know.

12.Oxford/Oxford Light

Oxford is an Oxford cloth woven from nylon yarn with a loosened surface. It is also made of SR super water-repellent to make it as soft and smooth as cotton, but it is quick-drying, abrasion-resistant and mildew-proof. Oxford Dry has the meaning of the quick-drying Oxford cloth. In addition to shorts, Oxford Dry is also used to make lightweight windproof jackets and field hats.In addition to quick drying and wear resistance, Oxford Dry has other advantages:
(1) No odor. Even if you wear it for a few days, there will be no odor.
(2) Anti-fouling: Oxford Dry is an inert material, and any stain is not easy to adhere, so it is easy to clean.
(3) Durability: Oxford Dry is very wear-resistant, tear-resistant, washable, and more durable than ordinary cotton.
Oxford Light is a lightweight version of Oxford Dry that has the same advantages as Oxford Dry but is lighter and cooler.

13.Bisurface Stretch

Bisurface Stretch is woven by double-layer weaving. The top layer is woven by nylon for tight weaving, and mixed with polyurethane fiber (PU) to enhance elasticity, making it wear-resistant and water-repellent. Its flexibility is so strong that the wearer has absolutely no sense of restraint. The inner layer is a semi-towel-like layer of polyester fiber woven with sweat treatment to enhance the function of sweat absorption and breathability. It has the advantages of softness and elasticity of knitted fabrics, but it is more wear-resistant and tear-resistant than ordinary knitted fabrics, and has the advantages of windshield, water, sweat absorption, quick drying, etc., and will not be worn after a long time. Deformation is the best material for making technical pants.

14.Alpine Stretch Sport Pants Fabric

Alpine Stretch is made of polyester fiber and nylon and woven by double weaving. The outer layer is a blend of nylon and polyester, which is elastic and wear-resistance. The inner layer is a semi-towel-like layer of polyester fiber woven to enhance the function of sweat absorption and sweat. Compared with other knitted fabrics, because of the combination of the advantages of nylon and polyester, it has the advantages of softness, comfort, moderate elasticity and resistance. It differs from cotton that difficult to dry after sweating, and it will not be deformed after wearing for a long time. The weight is lighter than ordinary sweatpants or jeans. It is the best choice for outdoor sports men.


ZEO-LINE is based on extremely fine and extremely soft polyester fiber. It is deodorized during molding and has a strong water treatment on the surface of the fiber. When weaving, we use flat knitting to give it a higher elasticity and fit. It has the advantages of heat preservation, washing resistance, anti-shrink, no odor absorption, quick sweating absorption, no deformation and quick fit dry. It has been rated as the best and the most expensive sport bra by Field Magazines.
It is important for you to select outdoor sport clothing made of the right materials in order to feel comfortable and energetic while making your sport of choice. You can also take these features into consider like anti-pilling, anti-shrink, anti-wrinkle, breathable. I believe you must enjoy your outdoor sport activities more than others.

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